Up at 7, listened to one (long) track on Henry Threadgill, Old Locks and Irregular Verbs - piano (Moran and David Virelles) dominates.
Meditated 18 min.
Left about 10:30 for 53rd St. Library. Had coffee before, read Sanjek.
Worked about noon-4 on bridge article; to 1500 words, which might be halfway point.
Dithered a bit online and checked out a couple of books.
Was mistaken about time of a movie across the street at MoMa, so headed home around 5.
Rested, finished the Sanjek and read more of Fagin until dinner (nearby Thai) w/ Bree at 7.
Came home and finished the Fagin, which Iā€™m afraid I got very little out of it at the level of either language (I assume the stiffness of the abstractions is intentional); ultimately, knowing that she was the librarian at Zucotti Park and that some poems, though more disjunctive than documentary, are recognizably written out of that is neither here nor there.
Did some very small household chores for Bree. 30 min. b-w.
Read a couple of chapters of Justin and Katherine Williams, The Singer-Songwriter Handbook - odd UK (Bloomsbury) collection of academic and career/practical pieces about the genre. No special reason - looked interesting at the library. Reads fast.
Lights out 12:30.