Up at 9.
Coffee, read a few poems in John Stammers, Panoramic Lounge-Bar. (The dollar book I picked up last week at Human Relations.) Romantic/elegiac, a bit decadent - like, John Ash w/ the Continental influence dialed down a bit.
Home. Meditated 18 min. 30 min. b-w.
Business call. Also called my dad. Difficult time for my mom (and so for him and me). Talked it over w/ Bree.
Left around 2:30, listened to disc 1 of Absolute Grey reissue; their ’84 album Greenhouse. Early R.E.M is the main flavor, structurally and sonically, but w/ female vox and a reasonably meaty cover of “Beginning to See The Light.” Read a couple chapters of the singer-songwriter anthology - somewhat interesting discussion of integrating digital recording into that tradition.
Worked at Communitea in LIC about 3-5:30. Added 650 to the bridge entry, could cut a bit, not bad for the time available.
Met Rael and Liz in Prospect Park to see Superchunk. Opener Jonathan Coulton nearly as awful as I expected - skilled and not insincere, but such a line-drive for “nerd rock”/NPR crowds. Like me w/ less shame. Superchunk solid, though from a distance I’d have been unsatisfied if I hadn’t seen them in their element at Bowery Ballroom a few months ago. “Driveway to Driveway,” “Like a Fool,” and “Throwing Things” hadn’t been in that set, so those were nice to hear. Paul Lukas came over to say hi. Cut out 2-3 songs into headliner Aimee Mann - I respect her craft and dedication, but the dynamics are limited, and the words don’t get over.
Since I don’t get to Park Slope often, walked about a mile to Unnameable (Threadgill), bought the Mark McMorris book I’d wanted last time, and an Eileen Myles collection (since I’ve been ignorant of her poetry).
Listened to the Trollope audiobook to while away the time on the way home.
Home midnight. Wrote the last daybook poem! Read 1 ch. of The Way We Live Now. Lights out 1.