Up 6:30. Dithered online, read ch. 2 of TWWLN.
Meditated 18 min.
Went to E77 a little before 9. Finished Stammers. Read more of the singer-songwriter collection. Diminishing returns.
Groceries. Home, 30 min. b-w.
Read a chunk of Eileen Myles’ Snowflake. The short lines tempt one to go fast - it looks as simple as Rupi Kaur, but isn’t.
Did a couple of chores - changed the shower curtain, tried to wash some grime off a wall. Needs a stronger cleaner, more elbow grease, or both. Would have liked to have cleaned out some debris from our freezer, but Bree couldn’t decide how to proceed.
Went back to E77 and wrote from about 2:30-5:30. Bridge article is at 3000.
Bree went out this evening, so I was home alone. Dithered at home for a while, then found the lyric file for “I Invented Rock ’n’ Roll,” made a few small changes/improvements (“Frances Faye” for “Joel Grey,” for one), and messed with the chord progression on both gtr and piano. I played a rough version of this song in Claremont last summer, but wasn’t happy w/ some details (and can’t remember others). The idea is to put the solo in a different key, ala Squeeze, but go back for the last verse/outro. Spent maybe 45 min. (Getting back to regular work on new songs is my replacement activity for the poetry daybook.)
Made spaghetti, failed once again to open a can of beans with our modish, allegedly advanced, but actually terrible can opener. Listened to 2 LPs - Hawklords s/t (1978), an obscure UK band pitched right on the line between Bowie/Roxy glam and new wave (titles like “Psi Power”), and a Pilgrim Travelers best-of (Specialty sides from the 50s). Remembered there was laundry downstairs.
Walked down to La Terraza to hear what was billed as “Flamenco Jazz” but seemed to me to just be a very good Latin jazz piano trio, led by Alex Conte. Warmed to the drummer. Highlight - Monk’s “Played Twice,” kind of in 3/4? Kind of ridiculous that I can hear this on an ordinary night 3 blocks away. Had 1 Guinness.
Came back between sets, read more Myles, played “Played Twice” myself (once, badly), lights out around midnight.