If I’m going to keep this up much longer, it has to get shorter, telegraphic.

2 ch. TWWLN.
Worked on modulations in “I Invented R&R.”
Left around 2. Meditated 17 min. on train. Kind of cheating, but the best I could do.
Worked on bridge article at a cafe near East Broadway/Canal about 3:45-5:45.
Tom Capp (ft. Kurt Ralske) and Daniel Carter groups at Downtown Music Gallery. Bought new Thumbscrew (Halvorson), Threadgill CDs, + 1 by David Murray/Jack DeJohnette (w/ Threadgill’s bassist Fred Hopkins). Could have spend 100s $s more - they had the Braxton Parker box - $149.
Home 10. 30 min. b-w. Otherwise pretty tired.
No serious reading or (other than the show) listening.