Up 7:30.
Meditated 19 min.
Read Myles on train.
Coffee: responded to request to review a paper for JAAC, wrote to Annie Nero and Mark Spencer re vocal sessions for HH album. FB’d/tweeted about States of Country.
Therapy. Lunch.
Lucked onto Myles’ I Must Be Living Twice for $4 at Housing Works.
Library. Located Lee Hays’ bio and a book of his writings, a book of Sidney Kingsley’s plays for Bree, ripped Fats Waller and Chicano Batman CDs to hard drive, updated finances.
Bridge article, 3:45-6:45. Junked a couple of grafs, wrote 2 new ones, 775 words.
Finished Myles, Different Streets on the way home.
30 min b-w. Spent most of the evening working on Laura’s set and writing a chart for “If I Had a Hammer.”
Walked down to La Terraza - thought there was a band tonight, but it was dead.
Lights out 12:30.