Up at 7:30.
Meditated 20 min.
Copied “Hammer” chart.
Train to mid-town; listened to 2nd disc of Absolute Grey reissue. Rehearsed w/ Laura et al, 10:30-1:30 (I was a little late). Ran Dahni’s and Cliff Westfall’s songs when they came. Pretty smooth overall - this set seems easy-peasy compared to last month’s. (No hard keys for solos, for one thing.) Talked to Mark about recording vocals.
Had a coffee at a place that might be a front for a Falun Gong-type cult, read about 20 p. of Richard L. Schur, Parodies of Ownership, which I’ve had trouble cracking.
Lunch. Got to Mid-Manhattan library around 3, probably not really working until 5. Worked on the James Brown graf more, tried to get into my discussion of “Night of the Living Baseheads.” Got stuck trying to i.d. the breakdown sample. Knocked off at 7:15. Probably only added a couple hundred not very solid words.
Returned a call from my dad.
Didn’t get up to much at home. A little work on Laura’s set. Got involved later in listening to various versions of Monk’s “Evidence,” inc. a great Lacy/Mengelberg duo. Would like this record. Lights out 2 am.