Up at 8.
Read 2 ch. TWWLN (1 yesterday) and early chapters of Lee Hays’ biography at coffee.
Got my charts together for the show tonight. Didn’t take as long as I thought.
Meditated 20 min.
Called my bank.
Hoped to get myself ready to leave in time to see some comedy shorts at Quad Theater near Union Square; not to be.
Played through “I Invented R&R” a couple times - still working on the modulations.
Left about 4. Had a bite at the Carribean/African buffet near Sid Gold’s, went and had coffee, read 1/2 of the Lee Hays bio.
Met the band at Sid’s, played the Arkansas States of Country set w/ Laura, Mark, Kenny, and Jeremy.

(Laura’s originals to start):

Starry Skies
Push the Swing (no relation to NPB’s ancient “Push My Swing”!)
World She Sees
Someday Sparrow
Arkansas Traveler (Kenny’s fiddle feature)
Battle of New Orleans
Folsom Prison Blues
This Train (Dahni Clermont)
If I Had a Hammer (me)
Long Black Veil (Cliff Westfall)
Big River (Cliff)
Is This My Happy Home? (Mark - Dan Hicks tune)
I Still Miss Someone (Lianne Smith)
Ring of Fire (Dahni)
Feel Like Going Home
Up Above My Head (Laura, Dahni, me)

Hung out for a while afterwards, saw Pete G., Yumeko Jenkins, Jack Silbert, a couple people I know only from Facebook.
Rode home w/ Laura. Lights out midnight - fell asleep to Jack DeJohnette/David Murray - In Our Style.