Woke up around 8. Listened to the rest of the DeJohnette/Murray album. Into “Pastoral Rhapsody,” w/ the drummer on piano - would like to know those voicing.
Shared Bruce Pross’s video of “I If Had a Hammer.”
Went to coffee at 9:30, read 2 ch. TWWLN.
Wrote to Mark and Annie nailing down a date for vocal session.
Came home, meditated 20 min.
Worked on “I Invented Rock & Roll,” this time on gtr, wrote out the chords as they stand - think I worked out the bridge into the solo, not sure how to come back into the last verse.
Left around 1. Found the Public Enemy 33 1/3 at Strand, David Stubbs’ Fear of Music, + James Davies’ Stack.
Comedy shorts at Quad Cinema at 3. Program below. The 2nd Crosby short featured “Snuggled on Your Shoulder,” which Dylan nicked for “Floater.”
Had a snack at a nearby Pret a Manger, read Hays bio — spent longer than planned b/c of downpours.
Listened to some of Jaki Byard, To Them To Us. 1992 solo piano record. Some crazy 2-handed bi-tonalism on “BL + WH = 88,” then a blues.
Bought tix to Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto for tomorrow at La Terraza.
Home 7-ish, just as Bree was coming back from her appt.
Dinner. 30 min. b-w. later. Got laundry from downstairs. Not much else. Lights out midnight.