Up 9.
Meditated 20 min.
Read Hays bio on train to Communitea. Worked 1-5 on bridge article — revised James Brown graf, added 3. 750-1000 words, pretty solid! Best work day in a while, tbh.
Later, after coming home, went with Bree to La Terraza to hear Los Gaitas de San Jacinto. Trad. cambia - just drums, flutes, accordion. Lead guy looks like he’s in his 70s - Bree loved him. Quite a scene.
Also read a ch. of Trollope, practiced b-w. 30 min. Reread some entries in Daily Rituals for amusement.

Haven’t been reading poetry. Occasionally try to work on a few lines of a song called “Our Hearts Do,” but the holes stay holes.