Up 7.

Read more of Daily Rituals and a ch. of Trollope.
Some household tasks for Bree. I have a list.
Meditated 20 min. 30 min. b-w.
To 53rd St. library, worked on bridge article 1:20-4:20. I think I came to end of this draft - 4700 total, long but not crazy. Will polish a day or 2 at most and send (still have to do references).Went across the street to see Hitchkock’s Rebecca.
Had a bite, headed downtown to see Overlord at Piano’s. Despite what should have been plenty of time, the F train reamed me, and I got there after they’d played. Hung out anyway, had a drink, saw a Toronto band called the Tallies - jangly, somewhere between the Sundays and Altered Imagines, solid playing, singer had a curiously ‘90s black lipstick/Hot Topic thing going on — and left during the next one.
Finished the Hays, read a few poems in Drew Gardner’s Defender.
Home; lights out 1 am.

Was not able to keep up with going to the gym this month, but lost 2.5 pounds.

Decided that I have to go back to see my parents’ in CA; leaving July 7. I think it’s time to drop this log again for a while.