June 2018 reading

Elena Rivera, Scaffolding

Joy Metta, Was the Buddha a Shaman?

Kevin Young, The Grey Album

L.P. Hartley, Mrs. Carteret Receives & Other Stories

Scalapino, Day Ocean State of Stars' Nights: Poems and Writings 1989 & 1999-2006

Charles Johnson, Turning the Wheel

Shunryu Suzuki, Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind

Russell Sanjek, American Popular Music and Its Business, v. 2 (2nd half only, covering 1865-1909)

Betsy Fagin, All Is Not Lost

John Stammers, Panoramic Lounge-Bar

The Singer-Songwriter Handbook, ed. Justin A. Williams and Katherine Williams

Eileen Myles, Snowflake/Different Streets

Doris Willens, Lonesome Traveler: The Life of Lee Hays