Up at 6. Went to Starbucks for a while, read W&P (just started Book Four), wrote up yesterday’s entry. Annie can’t play the (possible) HH show, will ask Tom Shad [later; he’s in]. Came back about 9:30, read a little of DeVeaux, listened to his musical examples: Hawkins and Armstrong’s solos on 1929/1930 recordings of James P. Johnson’s “One Hour With You” (which we almost learned for States of Country last month). Spent an hr+ clearing email inbox, down to 100 from 200+, as much as I could take. Listened to songs in a bunch of promo emails - Stella Donnelly’s “Tricks” was the standout. Had WKCR Ornette b-day broadcast on for a while too. Read to p. 100 of DeVeaux, listened to some other records cited, would have played a solo transcription on the piano but Bree has stuff piled on the (closed) keyboard. Read Brecht, napped. Bree came home at 3, we eventually got down to assembling a piece of furniture we ordered. This (including clearing space and cleaning up after) took until around 10 pm, so that was my day - and we still have to put the back and doors on. At least we listened to the first 2 of this 4-disc Bebop Spoken Here box, a couple times through each. Bree i.d.’d “All God’s Children’s Got Rhythm” from a Red Rodney record - I doubted that boppers would be using material that overtly minstrelized until I checked the playlist. Good ear! Went out myself for a bite, read another 1/4 of McMorris. I wonder how much of the graphic apparatus and generous white space comes from Susan Howe. Some of what he’s doing started to lock in for me w/ a key line: “not all words survived the voyage.” And the conventionally lineated poems in pt. II (“Pidgin Geometry”) build on this effectively. Came back, read 30 or so pages of Brecht (who deals with fugitivity quite differently, I want to say less passively). “Valse plus triste” (778-9)ostensibly about a village dance Brecht is watching as a refugee. “Riches stepped out with the local judge/True love — you should have seen them!/They tried to gaze into each other’s souls/But they didn’t have a soul between them.” Lights out 11:30.