Up 9. Daylight savings time. My weight has been creeping back up the last week, need to reverse that trend. Watched last night’s SNL clips - liked the Twitter game show parody. Coffee, W&P (Pierre spared), a bit of DeVeaux. Came back, read Brecht until Bree was ready to help w/ furniture, put on another bebop disc, did that 11-1. Tidied my office, went to a rummage sale up the street w/ Bree at 3. Bought a CD of “Caribbean Favorites” w/o artist credits just to see what it would be, and a ‘70s-looking clock radio b/c ours finally gave up the ghost last week. Read a little Brecht, left for downtown at 4:30. Realized I hadn’t charged my phone, so no music. Read DeVeaux on train, went to Malaysian coffee place on 4th for an hr. and drafted 3 p. crap poem. (Decided DST was a good time to start versifying, daily if I can, again.) Ran into Kimberly Lyons and had some ice cream. Heard Regan Good and Albert Mobilio read at Zinc, said hi to Douglas R. (I guess I could read there if I wish, but I don’t have much new). It’s difficult to comment on poems you’re hearing for the 1st time, so I won’t pretend I can. Talked to Regan and Andrew Hultkrans for a while after. Headed home, read to p. 175 DeVeaux. Interesting account of the contraction of the big-band business around 1939-1940, as a factor in how the young musicians who would become “boppers” turned to small groups and jam/blowing sessions. (Jump blues and R&B came out of this economic shift too, of course.) Starting to get into the specifics of Diz and Bird’s early band careers. No appetite for McMorris today. Home 10-ish, lights out 11.