Up 6. Tired, but not awful - at least I went straight to bed last night. Carried laundry up from basement, left just before 7. Listened to rest of Latin disc - my sense is that commercial Latin music tends to be (or did in 2011) more melodically and harmonically varied (in a word, song-based) than much current U.S. chart pop, despite the obvious production influences from hip-hop and current R&B. Read DeVeaux - were into the Minton’s/jam session scene. Put on disc 3 of Bebop Spoken here - amazing early recording of Monk’s “Epistrophy” with an even more aggressively angular feel than on later versions, and vibes - not sure of date and personnel. (I don’t know where the liner book to that set is.) Got on the wrong shuttle bus — asked the guy if he was going to Purchase, he said yes, but it was not the campus bus, and took a different route, dropping me off at a PepsiCo complex about 3/4 miles away from my office. Walked, got to office at 9:45; thought I missed a student, but I got an email that she overslept. Taught. Caught 12:30 bus (the right one) back, listened to 5049 podcast interview w/ Alan Licht (who I know slightly but haven’t run into in years - pretty different musical circles by this point). Had a bite, went to Spacious, looked at form section, distracted by a fast-talking phone conversation in French. Met Bree at MoMa for Scotland Yard (William K. Howard 1930), w/ Edmund Lowe and a young, blonde Joan Bennett. Double/lookalike plot at the dreamlike pace of the first years of sound. Had a pleasant dinner nearby with Bree. Back to Queens, picked up a sweater I’d left at Macgregor’s, home before 9. Got involved reading some card magic MS online, lights out 11.