Up 6, left before 7. Reviewed some proofs for class, read to 350 or so in DeVeaux. Listened (yesterday & today) to the Still/Dawson/Ellington disc, played by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Is there an Ellington Orchestra recording of “Harlem”? Usual prep in office, taught, bite, office hrs — a couple students, and a firedrill. Read McMorris while waiting to go back inside. A sequence of prose poems based on Miro’s etchings of Barcelona after a bombing; and what he left out of them. Headed home at 3:30, just listened to a meh podcast, and napped. Home 5:30, read a bit of the card magic books that arrived yesterday. Went to Laura’s w/ Bree and L.’s friend Rachel and daughter Bella (Jeremy is at SXSW) at about 7:30, ordered in and watched “Co-Op,” the Sondheim/Pennebaker/Company parody from the new season of Documentary Now! A labour of love, and I’m more forgiving of the technical imperfections in the lyrics than Bree. The music by my slight acquaintance Eli Bolin is spot-on. Explained my schedule leading up to States of Country to L. Hung out until 11:30, went to bed shortly after.