Up from about 3:15-5. At least I did some scheduling and the like. Door handle stuck when I tried to go back to bed - had to get Bree up. Up for good at 7. Wasn’t able to read, for various reasons. Bought a ticket for This Heat on Monday. Left a little after 9. Re-reading a writing productivity book, The Clockwork Muse — weirdly anal in some respects, helpful in others. Listened to the “Catalog” disc of that Peer set — “summer” tunes like “Little Bit of Soul,” “Beach Baby,” and a few Hoagy Carmichael songs (one of Ralph Peer’s important non-country/Latin signings). Went to a Think Coffee near 14th St. E, close to rest of the day’s itinerary. Worked 10-1, happier w/ the 1st 3 grafs of section at least. Pushed ahead a little. Dealt w/ some email, wrote to the band about scheduling rehearsals. Working on getting Dave Schramm to play on 4/15. Went to the Whitney for the Warhol show that’s been up for months, sat through some screen tests (everyone leaves after Edie) and other short films; also passed through a sort of “systems” show w/ Lewitt, a film of a Lucinda Childs/P. Glass piece, and such up against a bunch of recent coding-based video/computer art. (I don’t have a lot to say about visual art, usually. I see it and read about it sometimes.) Bought a small book on Glenn Ligon’s “I Am a Man” work. Could have eaten somewhere, but just went back to Think to recharge the laptop. Band replied about rehearsals - that got done pretty efficiently. Read to 317 in DeVeaux - need to go back to a few of the musical examples. Had intended to go to an acquaintance’s photo opening on 4th St., just not up to it. Home around 7, read W&P (Napoleon leaves Moscow) and Brecht (L.A., Chinese translations). Bree having some computer difficulties that I can’t solve. I may have left a notebook at coffee earlier today (a black one that has felt like a burden, but I guess there’s a little of value in it). Can’t think of anything worth reporting. Lights out 11.