Up before 6; quite tired from playing at Espresso 77 last night. Commuted to Purchase, read Michael Kimmelman, The Accidental Masterpiece on train. Non-academic art criticism by Times writer, w/ chapters on Bonnard, Ray Johnson, Charlotte Salomon. Smoothly written, bourgeois. Had some thoughts about a song, “Back to Basic” (as in, “I’m not gonna go…”) while waiting for shuttle from White Plains to campus. Did a little paperwork before class, shared a video of “Pilot Light” from last night w/ Jay Sherman-Godfrey on gtr. Taught; uneventful. Left campus for commute back about 12:30, kept reading. Had a bite in Grand Central Station, wondered whether to look for a dress shirt in Banana Republic or something but didn’t go in. Home around 2:30. Napped while Bree was out, watched remainder of The Oscar (Russell Rouse 1966), scripted by Harlan Ellison (& others), w/ Stephen Boyd, Tony Bennett, Elke Sommers, Milton Berle, etc. Terrible film; camp value only. Chatted w/ Bree, talked about plans for the weekend & when we’re going to put together some furniture. Listened to cast recording of 1962 revival of Anything Goes - odd I’ve never heard it. Orchestrations are a bit tacky and I can’t help but reflect on how much a revival like this was pitched to comfort NY’ers the counterculture passed by, but the female lead, Eileen Rodgers, projects some personality w/o imitating Merman outright. Haven’t read the liner notes, but both Wodehouse/Bolton and Linsay/Crouse had a hand in the book. Went to Caffe Bene for a bite at 8:30, read quota (20 p.) of War and Peace, and 60 p. (1/5) of Clark Coolidge, Poet, 300 pages apparently touched off by David Meltzer’s When I Was a Poet (which I read last month). Man, Coolidge is great: “all these years of poems/and then there’s more!” Came home, tried on some shirts looking for something I can wear a tie with w/o choking, no luck. Read 50 p. of the collected Brecht (having missed a couple days). “Once you have got behind you/The difficulties of the mountains that’s/The point when/The difficulties of the plains begin.” Put on mindfulness podcast, lights out about 11:30.