Up 6. Left 7. Read Nate Chinen’s Playing Changes on the train up (will probably see him in TN.) Caught/corrected an error in my midterm before I printed/copied it, also d/l’ed and printed “Kentucky Volunteer.” Wrote to Dave Schramm offering to back him on piano for the 4/15 set. Gave exam. 12:30 train home, mostly zoned out but listened to some Hines. Lunch in GTC, bought a sweater finally. Home at 3, read a bit of W&P but was interrupted by call from an associate of my dad’s. Spend 2 hrs on phone w/ Blue Cross, trying to figure out the application to add Bree to my policy. Inconclusive. Meditated 15 minutes. Packing for tomorrow. Dug out LP of Dave Holland, Conference of the Birds, b/c it came up in Chinen. Left at 8:15, read an underwhelming JAAC article about artistic integrity. Heard Carla Bley trio, w/ Steve Swallow and Andy Sheppard at the Jazz Standard. Two new, long suite-like places called “Life Goes On” and “Beautiful Telephone,” + 3 older ones, closing with the lovely “Lawns.” Her music isn’t easy to describe. Was seated by a woman, maybe early 30s, who turned out to be a composer/pianist named Mara Rosenbloom - says she gives lessons. Started looking at a book-length poem called Xamissa, by South African poet, Henk Rossouw, but didn’t get far in. Lights out midnight.