Up at 8. Took tax material to p.o + overcoat to dry cleaners. Coffee at E77, read in Rossuw, drafted loosely in grey notebook. Did a few small tasks for Bree and home, tried to pack and organize. My printer/scanner is totally non-functional. Played through “Kentucky Volunteer” - interesting song, but I’m not sure I can arrange it in time for States of Country next Wed. Called a car to LGA at 1. Flight uneventful - did crossword, read Chinen. Started to watch Billions, some HBO show about the rich w/ Paul Giamatti, couldn’t take more than 10 min. Forced, awful writing. Switched to the first episode of Sharp Objects, which I’d watched some of in CA. Also kitsch, of the small-town-secrets/family-trauma-recovery variety, but I like the visual style. Cab driver told me there had been flooding from the TN River a few weeks ago, that a major bass fishing competition had just been held, and that he himself played competitive darts. Checked into hotel. Read for an hr. Walked 8 min. through the pleasantly redeveloped commercial downtown to the Tennessee Theater (gorgeous, Bree would love it) for Lucy Negro Redux, a ballet based poems by Caroline Randall Williams w/ music by Rhiannon Giddens (and an Italian drummer pianist). Some of this was pretty tough going: the actress reciting Williams’ lines (and Shakespeare’s) was just bad, the choreographic interpretations tended toward the literal, and the bravely empowering text seemed to me equal parts of racial fantasy projection and strategic essentialism. Enjoyed Giddens’ playing (banjo and violin) and singing, though (I recognize the criticism that she’s mannered, but it rests on a presumption about what persona a black woman should project). Had a bite nearby, finished Chinen. Relentlessly boostery, but I learned quite a bit and have a daunting list of musicians/records to explore. Went back to the room, read quota of W&P, lights out 11:30.