On the run last 3 days; this will be brief.


Up 7. Grading + charts for Laura. Breakfast w/ Jean. On the flight to NY w/ her Jean, Tomeka, assorted Big Ears folk, inc. Bill Frisell. W&P. Home at 3. Visited w/ Bree, left for rehearsal 5:30. (Also belatedly booked HH rehearsal for Thurs.) Read Shaughnessy, listened to a little Poulenc on the walk to Mark’s. Rehearsed w/ Laura/Mark/Kenny/Jeremy + guest singers about 7-10. Got through the 2 songs I’m singing, but have work to do before the show. Rode home w/ Laura and Jeremy. Lights out 11.


Up 6. Tired; just listened to podcasts on the commute. Graded a make-up exam, taught, talked to students about their exams. Long wait for train, not home ’til 4. Rested for a couple of hours, worked on charts for “Decoy” and “Cheat” so Jenny can sing them at the HH show. (Annoying I didn’t have these already). Went to E77 after 8 to have 1 beer, read W&P (“What is the force that moves nations?”), got back into Brecht (he’s in East Germany now; returns to the mode of pornographic sonnets, plus a ridiculously long party-line poem praising the Soviet pioneer of millet cultivation), and finished Shaughnessy (she’s v. skilled at there’s some range of tone; book is largely a clever and grim expression of what we already know about the probably-coming apocalypse; you begin to think some poets think it’s a deficiency of the species that we like to be warm and fed). Picked up documents of a co-op application, which I have to review as bldg. secretary, from neighbor. Finished and sent the charts, listened to a few of the Laura songs, but will have to devote most of tomorrow to getting up on the set. Lights out 11:30.


Up 8. W&P. Therapy. Lunch. Home by 1:30, mainly worked on rehearsing, getting charts organized for show. Picked up coat from cleaners. Left for Sid Gold’s at 5:30, listened to some Poulenc on the train — I enjoy his harmonic sense, particularly taken by 3 Mouvements Perpetuels (1918). Ravel admired the naivety of Poulenc’s tunes, so there you go. Played Pennsylvania States of Country show - my “Kentucky Volunteer” was shaky but worth trying, “I Knew You Were Trouble” somewhat better. Set highlights were Dahny’s “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free” and Lianne Smith’s “Don’t Touch Me,” and Mark’s Michael Hurley song, “Automatic Slim and the Fat Boys.” Home 11, lights out 1.