Up at 6. Coffee at 8, finished War and Peace! Had no idea Tolstoy was so Kantian — though the ending is ostensibly about “history” and the fate of nations, it’s really an essay on the conflict between free will and determinism (a term he doesn’t use). The set-up of the problem is really very similar to the Kantian aporia — but T. comes down on fatalism, and the illusory character of “personal” freedom. Tried to update to-do list - very hard to keep complete. (And haven’t done anything with the “Zettelkasten” note-taking system as of yet.) My inbox had swelled to 250+ messages; got it down to 150. The local handyman came at 10 to help put together a bedframe; made quick work of it. While in that mode, I cleared the debris/trash generated, and screwed together a smaller bookshelf for Bree. Done w/ that around 1. Rested for an hr., read Brecht up through the late, bitter Bucknow Elegies; his struggle w/ disappointment w/ the East German state is evident. Called dad. Wrote a quick chart for “The Old Currencies,” got it copied. Headed into Manhattan 5:15. Started reading Shane Vogel, The Scene of Harlem Cabaret. Bought a new strap and guitar cable at a place on 27th: I hate guitar stores. Met Matt, Pete, and Tom Shad for ramen, headed over to Euphoria, where Jenny met us. Rehearsed 8-11 - got through all but 2 songs, sounds pretty good for a first time w/ Tom on bass (and not having played together for months). 1 more rehearsal after CA trip should do it. Too tired out to read or anything on the way home - think I listed to a meditation podcast (which I do instead of meditating). Lights out 12:30.