Slept very poorly - probably up for good around 4 am. W&P. When Bree got up at 6, I moved a few things to facilitate the Goodwill pickup. Left for school before 7, listened to Rising of the Moon, best-of CD of The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem. Should note down titles, but there are multiple double-length ballads (eight lines in common meter, or thereabouts) w/ aaba phrase structures. Read a little Albertine, but pretty tired, listened to part of a cheap Hoagy Carmichael reissue w/ some snappy songs I didn’t know (“No More Toujours L’Amour,” “Billy-A-Dick”). At office 9:30, hastily graded a batch of hwk. Taught - ok, but I feel like I’m moving too fast to get everything covered before the midterm (2 weeks). Lunch, finished grading and recording, went to library and checked out Rogin, Blackface, White Noise + a W. Grant Still/William Levi Dawson/Ellington CD. Left 3:30, no energy for reading, listened to junky podcasts on the way home. Home around 6 - got in bed before 8 and slept until 11. Read a few pages of Coolidge, put on the Clancy Bros. again and went back to bed.