Up for a while 3:30-4:30. Online. Went back to bed w/ John Grant, Live with the BBC Philharmonic, which is been in a stack for at least a year. Fell asleep 3 songs in. Up at 8. Read 30 p. Brecht (he’s still in exile; the awesome, righteous judgment against living one’s life is hard to take), breakfast. Left about 10:30, coffee at E77, started my friend Evan Kindley’s Poet-Critics and the Administration of Culture. Interesting model of justification in the preface. Worked at Spacious about 12-3, rewrote 1st 2 grafs of “form” section of preface, about 650 words. Stuck getting into harmony. Lunch, rode home, bought light bulbs, groceries. Read to 1/2 way point in Evan’s book on train and at home, chapters on Eliot and Moore as critics, and Auden’s The Orators. Changed light bulbs, talked some things over w/ Bree when she got home. Read 1st 2 sequences in Lawrence Giffin, Sorites - a short, 40 p. or so book that turned up while I was culling. 1st is obviously based on Platonic language, seemingly The Republic, second is a lot of play on ought/aught/naught. Barely feel as though I should say I’ve “read” this - damned if I can make out an argument, and it’s hard to feel it be worth the work. Got through what’s actually disc 2 of the John Grant — as a lyricist and vocalist, we’re in territory adjacent to Eitzel, Buckner (maybe Stephin M. too, but JG is more Sincere about his Pain despite flashes of humor), and some of the tunes are fine, but there is altogether too much Elton/Lennon rock-ballad piano plod. Orchestration adds more to some songs (“Outer Space”) than others, but the grandiosity of the presentation sets overly high expectations. Called dad. Listened to disc 1 - I don’t know, it’s like a series of inferior rewrites of “Life on Mars?” Worked on my taxes. Read through some card tricks in a Phil Goldstein book, lights out before 11.