Up 6:30. Had coffee, read a bit of Vogel, picked up a package at the p.o. for Bree. Packed, not rushed, had some time to spend w/ Bree, called car for airport about 12:15. Flights pretty uneventful. Listened to the Haarla album and some of the Schramms’ Omnidirectional (though it’s hard to hear new music w/ the ambient noise of the place). Watched The Wife (too one-dimensional on the nose; Glenn Close’s acting doesn’t save the writing; same feeling I had from trying to watch Billions last week) and Can You Ever Forgive Me? (a much better movie, partly b/c Melissa McCarthy underplays and partly b/c the screenwriters’ psychologizing doesn’t take up that much screen time; fun to see several NYC used bookstores used as, well, NYC used bookstores). Long stopover in Denver, found perfectly respectable green chile (in the stewed-w-pork Southwestern sense) at an inexpensive Mexican concession after looking at a couple of the “nicer” options in the terminal. Had 2 beers and started Chico Buarque, Spilt Milk. Read a little more than 1/2 of that during 2nd leg, though they kept shutting off the overheads, and my “spot” didn’t work. Ended up watching the 2nd 1/2 of My Favorite Wife on the seat-back TV. Landed at Ontario around 9:30, baggage, cab, home about an hr. later. Dad was still up; talked a little bit, but it was a long day. Lights out around 11:15.