May 22

Up 6.
Got out of the house by 10. Listened to some of the 1st disc of a Robert Wyatt, Different Every Time. Matching Mole’s “Signed Curtain” is Relevant to My Interests: “This is the chorus, or it could be the bridge, or just another part of the song.”
Spent an hr. or so at a coffee place in the West Village, working on email. It’s piling up - an hr. a day may not be enough, esp. when I take the time to unsubscribe. Tried a couple more people to join me on the 6/8 show - Greg Peterson from The Scene Is Now finally accepted, later in the day.
Worked about 12-3:30 at a new Spacious location, nearby. Better than yesterday: wrote a good-enough transitional graf I’ll go back to, and picked through the ontology and intellectual property sections of the preface (introduction?), adding and cutting bits here and there. Not the last pass, and I’m lazy about polishing the footnotes, but I got to around p. 16.
Saw Last Year and Marienbad (Resnais, 1961). I have no deep thoughts about this movie; just pleasurable, and a little ridiculous - it’s perfectly executed, to the point of rendering parody pointless. I read a mid-career Robbe-Grillet novel (Topology of a Phantom City, c. 1977, at least that’s when the translation appeared) recently — so porny, though he does a better job than some postmodernists (Coover) at convincing you that the “material” an irrelevant vehicle for the formal play. Probably less true of the films he directed - which I don’t plan to watch. That aspect is less pronounced, or at least not the whole of the law, in Marienbad. Thought a bit about strategy for the match/card game (Nim) played in the movie.
Got back into Rogin, Blackface, White Noise, read about 30 p. on trains over the course of the day. Once home, tidied up some, put on that Amos Milburn compilation again - interesting R&B version of Billy Hill’s “The Glory of Love,” a huge mainstream hit in the ‘50s, though written in ‘32.
Laura C. came over 8-10 to run some songs for States of Country - worked on “Come all Ye Fair and Tender Maidens,” from the Baez repertoire. Pretty tired out/done after she left, lights out by 11:30.