May 23

Up for a while 5-7, but went back to bed until 10 or later.
Read quota of Earnest (Perl, Rose, Saltz).
Rearranged books, boxes, etc. to prep for bookcase delivery tomorrow. Another side of Milburn.
Pretty dead in afternoon, to be honest; long tail of cold doesn’t help, but it’s unfortunate that I didn’t get out before 6.
Read a bit of Rogen on train. Went to the Strand to hear Stephanie Burt talk about his new book Don’t Read Poetry (deceptive title) with Monica Youn. He’s become a really good, ecumenical advocate. Talked to Karen Weiser (who’s becoming a psychoanalyst) for a while after. Bought 2 Robbe-Grillet novels, a older used copy of Greenberg’s Art and Culture (I have a caricature of what I don’t like about his criticism, or maybe its influence, in my head, but haven’t actually tried to read him for a long time), and a 2016 book on the Art & Language group I hadn’t seen — but I checked them in the store when I went outside, and forgot to collect them (will go back tomorrow).
Called my cousin Lynda, who’s in town w/ her husband on vacation — she’d texted me just before the event. Odd that I hadn’t heard from them a little further in advance, but Bree and I will see them sometime next week, and I told them about Laura’s show Wed. (Not many of my relatives have seen me perform as an adult, unless playing the piano at Christmas counts.)
Went out w/ Steph, Monica, and another poet (Cat something - we talked, but weren’t really i.d.’d to each other). 2 rounds.
Home 11:30, lights out shortly thereafter. Glad I went to the reading and hung out, but otherwise not a very productive day.