May 24

Up around 8.
Got a quick coffee, had to be back for the scheduled window (10-2) for bookcase delivery while Bree was out.
Spent an hr. or so getting the songs for States of Country together from various emails. Also proposed Luckey Roberts’ and Andy Razaf’s “Massachusetts” for one of our singers, Danhy Clermont. Cleared some other misc. email. Read interviews w/ Schjeldhal, Schwabsky, Paul Chaat Smith (Native writer/critic whose work sounds intriguing), and Roberta Smith.
Called my dad around 1:30.
The delivery came just after 2, well after Bree was back, but they didn’t know anything about the assembly we’d signed up for, so I got on the phone w/ customer service. They’re refunding the assembly charge and arranging for a 3rd party company to come out and do it. Not a bad outcome, esp. money-wise, but it won’t happen until the 2nd piece is delivered late next week, and it’s annoying to have hung around the house for nothing - essentially gave up my writing day.
Felt pretty lethargic in the afternoon - half-watched a completely pointless TV movie remake of Dial M for Murder, w/ Angie Dickinson in the Grace Kelly role, that i found on YouTube. (Had tried to watch something more substantial earlier, but the internet/MUBI was slow to load.)
Finally left about 6, listened to Wyatt and read Rogin, picked up the books I’d left at Strand + found Devon Johnston’s new book for $2 outside. Met Andrew Hultkrans and Dan Fox for drinks and then Japanese food. Just catching up. Dan has to go back to England for some weeks/months while his new visa is processed; Andrew’s going to Havana w/ his gf Regan Good for a literary festival she was invited to.
Hung out ‘til 11, came home - listened to Indian philosophy podcasts on the train. Lights out 1 am.