May 27

Up from about 3:30-5, put on some podcasts, fitful after that, finally got back to sleep, really started day around 10.

Wrote about convention 10-20 min. at E77, edited for rest of hour. Worked on “informal” narrative for writing coach. Came back at 12:30. Read 25 p. of Rogin, on the residue of blackface in post-war musicals (Singin’ in the Rain) and social problem films (Body and Soul) - w/ some interesting connections to that song and “Strange Fruit,” though not surprisingly w/o musical specificity. Read 25 p. of Nicholson.

Made plans to meet Dan Clucas in Brooklyn tomorrow afternoon before rehearsal, and figured out the rest of my day around that. Sent bio, photo, links to Pete’s Candy Store.

Went back out to E77, got involved in the note to the writing coach, about 8-9:30. Finished a draft, will try to cut it down a bit before sending it this weekend. Came home, spent a couple hrs. getting charts and lyrics together for tomorrow, since I’ll be out all day. Wrote quick charts for “Green Fields of Summer,” (a Peter Wolf song, nothing like J. Geils) and “Fair and Tender Ladies.” Others are responsible for other songs in the set, so I feel fairly prepared, and like I’ve done my bit.

Read a few pages of Robbe-Grillet, Project for a Revolution in New York. Takes him until the second whole project to get into a bondage thing. Lights out before midnight.