May 28

Up at 7. Out at 8. Read Rogin on train - he’s into some post-war social problem films that are less directly relevant to my concerns, but still interesting. Someone on the train seemed to be doing some kind of self-tutoring (perhaps even studying for a citizenship exam?) - I heard it say to her, “What was one cause of the Civil War?” Wonder how revisionist the range of acceptable answers are. Therapy on UWS (new day/time, to interrupt the day less). Wrote for an hr. over coffee nearby. Got back home about 12:30, rested for a bit, took some charts to stationary store to be copied, assembled myself for rest of the day. Called Unnameable to see if they were buying books; they weren’t. But I got the broken printer, Bree’s dead laptop, and some smaller electronics/and accessories together for the e-waste drop-off in Gowanus (coincidentally close to Mark Spencer’s apt.) Called a car for that; finished Rogin in traffic on the way. He over-reads, in a film-theoretic mode, occasionally, but the book’s politics are interesting, and I made a lot of pencil notes I have to copy out, inc. refs. I should track down. Did the drop-off, the guy  who took the stuff gave me a fist bump for supplying a good-quality MIDI cable. Seems like a small task, but actually kind of huge, since this stuff had been sitting around for a while and disposing of it seemed like a burden. Walked a little farther than I expected to meet Dan Clucas near Unnameable (which I’d arranged w/ him before aforementioned call). Talked over coffee, took him to dinner at Dinosaur BBQ, closer to Mark’s/where I’d started out. Got to rehearsal at 6:30, played until 10 w/ Laura, Mark, Kenny Kosek, Jimmy Ryan and Danhy Clermont, who is well suited to “Massachusetts.” It’ll be a good set. Took a break to bring back some ice cream from Ample Hills nearby, which was appreciated - a thunderstorm hit on the way back. Car home to neighborhood w/ L. Lights out a little after midnight. Didn’t feel like a wasted day.