june 11

Up at 6:30 w/ alarm. Left by 8. Read Cook on train. Therapy. Hungarian Pastry Shop: entered the intro/1st v. and ch. of horn chart into Sibelius. Worked for maybe an hr on a couple grafs about sheet music. Looked around Book Culture, bought remaindered copies of Francis Fukayama’s book on identity politics (know yr enemy?) and Michael Denning’s Noise Uprising. Lunch. Went to a Starbucks where I could recharge the laptop, took notes on the rest of Ross Wilson’s book on Adorno, which I’ve been trying to “process” for a few weeks. Wrote to dad’s lawyer and accountant, dealt w/ some other email. Started listening to a recent radio interview between Peter Paphides and Robert Forster. Starbucks. Unnameable called about my credit; email w/ set lists/charts from Dave Schramm. Headed to Roulette, waited in standby line for Andrew Cyrill tribute (1st night of Vision festival). Jean Cook showed up right after me. 2 sets of 3/4 acts each, inc. a trio w/ Quincy Troupe and a hand drummer; duo w/ Kid Jordan; trio w/ Tomeka Reid and a dancer (too short); duo w/ Milford Graves; trio w/ Wadada Leo Smith and Brandon Ross; duo w/ Lisa Sokolov (vocalist, new to me), and a closing duo w/ Peter Brötzmann. Saw Ira and Georgia briefly. Managed to resist buying any CDs out front. Had some Indian food around the corner w/ Jean during the break; Tomeka joined us for a bit. Turns out she never got the email offering to read a talk she was giving in Chicago. Finally finished Cook on the train home, started looking at Fukayama. Home 12, lights out 1. Oh, listened to disc 1 of John Coltrane, The Bethlehem Years, which collects his sideman recordings w/ Blakey and others from 1957, just as he was starting to record as a leader on Blue Note. Minor in the Trane scheme of things - we’re several years away from My Favorite Things or “modal” advances — but thoroughly listenable.