June 10

Barely slept after 3:30. Went to Cafe Benne after 6, actually worked an hr. or so on preface. Left at 9:30 for Mt. Sinai w/ Bree to consult about her kidney stone. Liked the doctor. CAT scan next week, another appt. Wed., and then we’ll figure out what to do - probably surgery. Bree isn’t too freaked out, just glad she’s getting help. Probably means she won’t sing at Sid’s at the end of the month. I had planned to stay out, was just too tired. Came back, got some groceries, read 4 short Graeme Greene stories, slept from 1-3. Made myself work on horn chart for “Faith and Credit” for at least 15 min. (That’s my plan until I’m finished w/ that and another one.) Called a car at 5 to get down to Unnameable w/ a box of books to sell. Buyer had left (though I’d called in the afternoon and been told he was staying until 8), clerk took the box and my # somewhat under protest - but I wasn’t about to haul it back to JH. Got ice cream across the street at Ample Hills. Walked quite a ways in slight drizzle and fog to hear Mara Rosenboom, the pianist I’d met at a Carla Bley show, at I-Beam, a tiny, collectively-run space w/ a nice piano near the Bell House. She seemed surprised I’d made it out (as I would be were the situation reversed.) Two sets - 1 trio, very diverse pianistically, with bangy free sections and very delicately voiced ones, with some glances at “Melancholy Baby” and “Caravan.” 2nd set added 3 strings, a project she’s calling “Bone Labyrinth,” w/ more composed passages. She’s good. Bought an early trio record. On the walk there and the train home, listened to the new Verlaines album, the perfectly titled Dunedin Spleen. 19 songs! Artfully arranged and harmonized rock tunes, mainly by a straightforward 4 piece band, often adding some genuinely contrapuntal (not “combo”/chordal) organ, with a more jazz-tinged or dirgey/difficult song every few tracks. Not stylistically flashy, for the most part, but a lot of dense musical content to chew on, as usual. Standouts on first listen include “None of the Chords,” “Man Selling Poems,” the title track, and the closer, “Way Too Old To Grow Up Now,” but I have no doubt there are some growers. Downes’ voice alone is a comforting pleasure to me. Inspirational verse: “Fascists have always been snappy dresser.” Home before midnight, lights out almost immediately. Read through ch. of Cook on “Resistance” in the course of the day. At least as presented here, so much of F.’s and A.’s though just comes off as a series of pronouncements.