June 9

Up at 8. Little of note in a.m.; read two Greene stories, inc. a satire on wartime bureaucracy at the Ministry of Propaganda. Put up a dry-erase display to track my writing. Left around noon, worked at Spacious from 1-4 pm. 1 hr. reading over and replying to writing coach’s assessment; 90 min. on preface; rest of time replying to a listserv thread about writing (I’d promised to comment on someone’s post a few days ago). Dave Schramm asked me to play keys on July 1; think I’ll use it as an excuse to get my gigging keyboard situation together, probably by buying something (a Nord) in trade for an amp I’ve been wanting to unload. Spent an hr. and change at MoMa across the street, mainly in a show around Lincoln Kirstein’s role at the museum. Guess it’s inevitable that the institution has to pay periodical obeisance to figures of that era, even though their aesthetics and sense of modern-art history has (at least officially) been somewhat superseded. In other words, they dragged up a lot of Pawel Tchelitchew dance sketches. Still, I enjoyed some of the Mexican and social realist art, and discovered two now lesser-known figurative painters: O. Louis Gugliemi (Egyptian-born, despite the name; Wedding and South Street, 1937), and Honoré Sharrer (Workers and Paintings, 1943), who was in the AbEx launching Fourteen Americans show and seems really interesting on a cursory image search. Also walked through the Joan Miró show, a current art & technology show that isn’t so much my thing, and looked at the full display of Jennifer Bartlett’s Rhapsody in the second floor space. Came back to go to dinner w/ Bree, and have a somewhat serious discussion of my writing issues/plans. Home around 9, took out some recycling and a bag of broken glass (from the bottle/staircase accident a few days ago); printed test results for Bree’s doctor’s appointment tomorrow; sent pics of amp to buyer at Main Drag. Read a few p. of Cook during the day (does secondary literature on critical theory have to be this intellectually and stylistically dull?), but that’s it. Lights out at midnight.