June 8

Up 7. Worked on preface at Caffe Bene for an hr. or so. Came back, practiced songs, printed lyrics, got my gear together, etc. Read 2 Greene stories (some are quite short) Left for Brooklyn about 2:30. Read a bit Listened to the Venezuelan comp I got at ARC. Stopped for a coffee at a new Think near Metropolitan - a guy working named Jonathan Douds knew me from the band, put on Refrigerator’s How You Continue Dreaming in My Honor. Posted the incident on Facebook. Read to end of ch. of Cook. Played a fun but, uh, intimate solo show at Pete’s Candy Store. Andrew H., Drew B., David + Rachel Heatley came, + some folks for the other acts. Greg Peterson first, solo banjo w/ some blues, Lowell George covers, a few originals, ended w/ a violin duo on an old reel - impressive. My set:

Signed Curtain (Robert Wyatt)
Our Hearts Do
Man Up!
Model Worker (Magazine)
- did a card trick -
Loser on A Roll
Dirty Back Old Town Road (B-52’s/Lil Nas X mashup, w/ Greg on ad hoc banjo - came off well
Control Freak
Each and Every One (Everything But the Girl)

Rose Thomas Bannister and Bob Bannister after - some new songs from an EP written for a Shakespeare production + older material and a Richie Havens cover. Her voice and their playing dynamic keeps getting stronger and more distinctive, particularly like her “Virgin Mary” song. Glad I got the show together. Followed Rose, her creatively precocious daughter Lilian, Bob, and their friend/bassist Debby Schwartz to the community garden near there house, had a casual cookout. Left around 10, long ride home. Lights out midnight.