June 7

Up for a while around 12:30-2, got back to sleep, up at 7. Once Bree went out, worked off and on, mostly on, on my set for tomorrow. A few covers, a couple old songs, 3-4 newer ones not on the record in progress, almost nothing I play regularly. Went out around 2:30 to try to finish some lyrics at E77, just for a change of scene. Ran into David Heatley. Some ideas, but nothing final: this particular song (“Viable”) has just been a bear - it’s been incomplete for several years now. Came back, play a bit more, hemmed and hawed about whether to try to get downtown early enough to sell a box of books at Codex (i.e., to carry them on the subway); finally couldn’t face it. Left at 4:30. Listened to John Coltrane, My Favorite Things - directly related to things I’m trying to think through in the preface. Called my dad. Met Matt Houser for a bite in Essex Street Market. Decided we wouldn’t look for a Human Hearts show until Fall. Went to Piano’s to see George from Overlord do a solo set, under a fake name I can’t remember - Lester something. Interesting presentation - he wore a silver suit, not unlike Phil Ochs’ gold one, and played in front a video backdrop that intercut Match Game with ‘70s UK music TV - Wizard, Bellamy Bros., and what have you. First song was very Bryant/Bryant. Followed by Tris McCall, with Matt on drums. Liked a song called, probably, “American Flag.” Realized Matt wasn’t playing drums for Palomar, so only stayed for a few songs of their set. Home before 11, practiced a little more, lights out by midnight. Read maybe 20 p. of Cook over the course of the day, and a Graham Greene short story.