June 6

Slept poorly. Up for good at 9. Post office; dry cleaner; some groceries. Lassitude in the lat am/early afternoon. Read the first item in Graeme Greene, 21 stories. Bree on the phone a lot trying to make an appointment to consult about the kidney stone. After that was settled, left at 2:30, went to a Think Coffee near Canal, worked on Gates/Signifyin(g) for about 3 hrs. Walked (v. close, hence choice of cafe) to Archive of Contemporary Music, made a quick pass through their record sale, spent $62 on the 2CD version of Dylan’s Trouble No More, some Trane, Hawkins, Ethel Waters, Eddie Cantor, 4 Brazilian CDs, a comp of 70s Venezuelan rock-psych, and an unfamiliar Billy Strayhorn LP. Went up to the Parkside Lounge to hear the Sam Phillips/Jules Shear tribute night Tom Shad and Dave Foster put together, with a bunch of good singers. Had 1 beer. Came home, finished listening to Unrest, Imperial f.f.r.r., read a few p. of Foot. Home 11, spent a while learning Everything But the Girl, “Each and Every One,” lights out 12:30.