June 4

Up at 7. Left at 8. Read Berman on train. Therapy; was a few minutes late. Had salmon/avacado toast and coffee, worked on the McClennan interview for about 90 min. Headed to Lincoln Ctr. Library. Got to work at 1:30. Drafted, trying to move quickly w/o too much correction, more of the race section. Accidentally closed the file w/o saving about 800 words in. More or less did it over, probably without losing anything brilliant (these are ideas I’ve been striving to get down for a while, however expressed), and went on a bit - saved around 1200 words at 4:40. Home around 6. Bree had gone for an ultrasound for her GI problems today, and they found an unrelated kidney stone! Strange, b/c she’s had no pain or other symptoms, and drinks more water than anyone I’ve ever met in my life. Waiting to schedule treatment. Rested for a bit, chatted w/ Bree, eventually got around to reshelving books together. Got several boxes emptied/off the floor/broken down, one box of smaller books and some strays left (as well as 2 boxes to sell, CDs that are also a storage problem, an amp I have to sell, and Bree’s unpacked/unhung paintings. Went out for a bite and bottled water for Bree, came home and finished Give Us The Ballot. I understand anti-electoralist arguments, but haven’t quite gotten myself to the place where I think of e.g. John Lewis as a dupe. Put on Matt Mitchell, Phalanx Ambassadors, but fell asleep pretty quickly. Lights out midnight.