June 3

Up around 8, listened to some music on shuffle. Read more of Give Me The Ballot over coffee, and off and on after; made it to 250 by end of day. Bree was out for the morning. I started watching a lesser-known Errol Morris documentary (Tabloid, 2010), realized it was virtually a podcast with faces, so I kept it on while I rearranged some of our sheet music/LPs/books on the new shelves. Bree will need to organize her own stuff, but I got some piles off the floor. Had the call w/ writing coach from 2-4. Personable, asked some questions based on what I’d sent her, gave a kind of preliminary diagnosis, is supposed to write up a more formal response in the next 2-3 days. Won’t go into everything, but she’s confirming some things I know to some degree: I don’t have as much external support (e.g. trial readers) as I need, am probably guilty of “hoarding” work-in-progress, and should think seriously about how to cut down the scope of my project. (Painful, this last.) Headed downtown to meet some folks to hear Luc Sante read at Club Cummings (an East Village spot owned by Allan Cummings - not as glam as it sounds). Ran into David Nagler on the street on the way. Luc was great: a short piece on summer, and a longer one on the LES ‘80s moment (clubbing, drugs, music), and aging out of it. Also the poet Laura Sims, who has her first novel out, a very odd singer/pianist going by D. Treut, who interrupted simply structured songs with somewhat grandiose modern-classical/clustery passages, all while wearing a Metallica shirt and a Billy Jack hat, and - unannounced, but I’d been told, Deborah Harry, reading about her experience of 9/11 from a forthcoming memoir. Wanted to take a picture, but felt it gauche. Went w/ about half-a-dozen people for soft-serve ice cream and a nosh at the Odessa. On the way back, listened to most of Paul Bley, Complete Savoy Sessions (early trio recordings, largely of Carla Bley and Annette Peacock tunes, which I’d like to learn someday). Read another 10-12 p. or so of Tynes. Home just before midnight, collapsed pretty quickly.