June 2

Up 7. Furniture assembly, w/ hired help about 9-12; moved stuff out of the way and broke down/took out packing material while they put it together. Made facebook event for June 8 show. Went to the corner to watch some of Queens Pride – saw a good synchronized cheerleading routine. Went to the corner Spent the later afternoon in Mt. Vernon for Brian Hartman’s 50th b-day; Jenny hired a brass band to surprise him at a neighborhood barbeque. Read (mainly on the train) another ¼ of Give Us the Ballot, listened to Olden Yolk, Living Theater (above average current indie-pop duo, sounds home recorded, didn’t really register the quality of their lyrics, but the female singer sounds a bit like Beth Kaplan from Salem 66, esp. on “Castor & Pollux”). Crashed hard when I got home around 9 – exhausted, overheated. Eventually read 20 or so p. of Jen Tynes, Hunter Monies. Good ear, elliptical but unpretentious in tone, otherwise not yet leaving a strong impression. In bed/lights out or good by 11:30.