june 15

Up 6, again at 9:30. Watched an episode of The Dick Van Dyke, and a Barney Miller  wherein the precinct arrests a Weather Undergroundish “radical” (who the FBI no longer cares about, well into the 70s). Put in some time on the horn chart - more or less got the shout-chorus ending down. Can’t remember quite when I got out of the house, but spent about 90 min. on the book at Spacious (longer if they didn’t close at 5 on weekends), and headed to Brooklyn. Bought a few things at Record City in Flatbush: 7” of The Neighborhoods’ “Prettiest Girl”; Mel Powell 10”; split LP reissue of King Pleasure and Annie Ross (vocalese, inc. Ross’s orig. version of “Twisted”); LP of 1944 recordings by Cootie Williams w/ Bud Powell, Pearl Bailey, and others, inc. his recording of “‘Round Midnight” and some lesser known Arlen-Koehler tunes; a Mighty Sparrow album; Brian Auger Genesis (w/ Julie Driscoll, inc. their hit version of “Season of the Witch”); a Pilgrim Travelers reissue on Specialty; and (the most expensive item), a bizarre 1971 LP called Sing Me a Song of Songmy, ft. Freddie Hubbard but composed by one Ilhan Mimaroglu, apparently including settings of texts by Arabic poets, Kierkegaard, and Che! If that’s not enough: Kenny Barron on piano and Arif Mardin on Hammond! Walked over to the Owl to hear Wendy Eisenberg. Solo gtr/vocal set - delicate but technical songs, w/ occasional references to bossa/jazz harmony but also a lot of thoughtfully dissonant voicings; she called the lyrics “vulnerable,” which is fair. Pretty taken with the material and presentation — a lot to chew on musically, but little pretense: Don’t want to make facile comparisons. Introduced myself and talked briefly later in the evening; we’ve corresponded a bit. Stayed for a set by a electric piano/bass/drums trio calling itself Resort Music; original jazz-I-guess? compositions, sensitive drummer but something music-department about it all. After another break, some of the same musicians and others came back, w/ vocalist/lyricist, for a set of songs that had moments but felt even more collegiate - reminded me of an absurdist Pomona band called Mendicant Sauciers, though these folks were more accomplished. Ben Goldberg, who I assume was some of the members’ teacher, sat in on clarinet on the last song. Another long train ride home; lights out after 1 am.