jun 16

Up 8. Got out a little after 9:30, took an annoyingly long time to get a bagel at a bakery en route to subway. Worked maybe 90 min. at Spacious (trying to cut down section overall, but fit in discussion of “You’re Not the Only Pebble On the Beach.”) before knocking off and calling my dad for Father’s Day. Bree met me at MoMa across the street, so I could show her the Lincoln Kirsten show - she was taken, as I expected, w/ the ballet designs, which I looked at longer this time. Good thing we went - last day open before renovations until November. Civilized early dinner at Le Bonne Soupe - about as much as I mean to spend for the next couple weeks. Home at 7 or so, put in some time on the horn chart — might just be a day or two of adjusting/editing before I can (a) send it off to The Scene Is Now horns to check over, and (b) turn to “Untimely Beggar.” Went out and finished reading, or whatever you call it, Space. I don’t know if the order is chronological, but the book’s movement seems to be from 2 sections fairly dense-sounding and -looking poems to a breakdown into “elements” (lots of articles and particles, + the sequence w/ “ounce code orange” and the like), and finally an attempt to build something back up from same — though the last long poem, “AD,” doesn’t quite sustain itself, and ends by falling back on devices from earlier in the book (inc. partial words, which aren’t precisely nonsense; presumably, the intended effect is for the omissions to focus attention on the phonic and graphemic qualities of the remainder). All necessary steps in the larger arc of CC’s work. Had no stomach for Shepard and Wick today - they’re on Lacan.