june 17

Late start. Maybe 40 min. on horn chart in late am; book work 3-7 at Lincoln Center. Read Ron Padgett’s very short book Among the Blacks (a translation of the Roussel story, an unguarded essay on RP’s own experience of race, and an afterword; the diptych organization has something to do in my mind with his poem “Tulsa.” Talked to Laura about rehearsal schedule on the way home. Played through “Daisy Bell,” “Pebble on the Beach,” other 19th c. songs. Read about 10 p. of Paul Steinbeck, A Message to Our Folks, a seriously researched history/analysis of the Art Ensemble of Chicago. Looks great - learned in the first pages that Malachi Favors’s parents and uncle were part of one the founding family of the Church of God In Christ in Chicago (the sanctified denomination that produced Sister Rosetta). No other significant reading/listening - online too much overall.