jun 18

Up 7, left at 8. Therapy. Lunch. Worked at Schomburg from 12-7. Started reading a paper on pictorial representation by a philosopher I’ve arranged to trade drafts with. Saw a program of Anthony Coleman’s chamber music at the Stone - solo and duo string pieces, a sax/drums/piano[and organ] trio, and a piano/accordion/violin trio he wrote for his 60th b-day. Particularly like the last 2, made up of short sections that accrete into something larger w/o straining for development. Made my 15 min. “charts” quota before the concert started, by writing in the time signature changes and most of the chords for “Untimely Beggar” (from memory, yet). Listened to some Verlaines on the way home. Read a few pages of Shepard and Wick, but I’m bogged down. Home, lights out 12:30.