jun 19

Up 8, left w/ Bree at 9:15. Had to try to print some forms for her driver’s license renewal in between - also sat down at the piano briefly to start working out voicings for “Untimely.” Dr. appt. at Mt. Sinai; approved and scheduled her kidney stone operation for July 2. (There were options, but I’m not going into detail.) That at least clarifies that I don’t have conflicts w/ rehearsals and shows until the end of the month; afterwards, I will have to help/be around more during recovery. Lunch w/ Bree. Rode back up to Schomburg. Requested a few books on Cook + Dunbar. Half-wasted 2 hrs (except for a couple of research related query emails), but then read 1st 1/3 of Marva Carter’ s bio of Cook, found a bibliographical ref. I needed, and spent the last 45 min. revising. Also “discovered” a 1901 Williams and Walker song, “If You Love Your Baby, Make Dem Goo-Goo Eyes,” seemingly published after “She Made Them Goo-Goo Eyes,” but also in AA-bb-A form. Now I have to incorporate that info. Left 7:30, heard Anthony Coleman in a free duo w/ a drummer at Stone. Home at 11, really wrung out, watched some Dick Van Dyke and got back up to write some emails and spend just a few minutes on the horn chart. (Trombone reads in bass clef, which slows me down a little). Lights out 1 am. Continued slow progress through Shepard and Wick.

[Strange to be reading about American concentration camps on Juneteenth, by the way.]