jun 20

Up 9. Took out trash, got coffee and a much needed haircut. Came back, spent 30 min. on horns, starting to get ideas. Called Main Drag Music to put a hold on a Korg digital piano and order a case and extra power supply, so I can get them in one trip (I hope before the Schramms show). Dl’d facsimile’s of the “Goo-Goo” eyes songs. Headed to Schomburg, listed to Anthony Coleman’s trio record Sephardic Tinge. Worked 2-5:30 - Finished the Cook/Dunbar section, pending a few references. Had a bite, walked by Revolution Books and bought a new copy of the rev. ed. of Kelley’s Monk bio, so I could get out of there w/o Bob Avakian literature. Thought about going straight home, but once I was one the train felt energetic enough for one more Anthony Coleman set at the Stone - his rethink, basically, of the repertoire, cut-for-cut, from Bill Evans’ Waltz for Debby. For a guy who says he had resisted learning standards and that style of harmony, he knows a hell of a lot - something Mengelbergian in the conception, though Coleman fucks up less. Sat next to John Matturri and spouse (Lilian?), chatted a bit. Bought Coleman’s Jelly Roll Morton CD. Listened to most of a Braxton/Halvorson/Bynum/Laubrock quartet from an Italian festival, 2014. Home about 11, quite tired again. Edge of a cold. Have not been keeping up w/ reading well.