jun 21

Really feeling the cold/congestion in a.m., a bit better as day went on. Don’t recall early part of the day well. Posted about States of Country, invited a few other people by email.

Played piano for a while at some point, then worked on horns. Called a car around 3:30, sold a box for books at Codex on Bowery + Bleeker - learned that it’s run by the same partners as Human Resources, Topos, and one other. Used some of the credit: Herman Rappaport, The Theory Mess; Paul Stephens, The Poetics of Information Overload; Vernon Lee, The psychology of an Art Writer; Karen Pincus, The Montesi Scandal, and a bilingual collection of José Martí, since I don’t know much about him (or Cuban literature, to be honest) at all. Worked on the “Goo-Goo Eyes” section for, oh, 1 3/4 hrs. - the puzzle now is where to stick in the Bert Williams song.