jun 22

Up 6-ish, didn’t really get going until 9.
Household chores.
Looked at set-list email from Laura, found sheet music to “When the Roses Bloom Again” (the orig. 1910 publication), played through it. I’m probably going to have to sing it, since Bree isn’t up for learning it by Wed.
Coffee, read 50 p. Kelley, Monk.
Worked 1-3 Lincoln Center. Very slight progress. Asked at research desk about 1900 song copyright records, not that helpful, but I may be able to talk to someone who knows more about TPA during the week. Checked out Riis, Just Before Jazz.
Went to the Scorsese doc of the Rolling Thunder Tour.
Read José Martí on the way home. Very much taken with the Simple Poems in quatrains - was able to get some idea of the syntax and rhymes from the facing originals.
Watched the rest of Nine Girls with Bree.
Spend a desultory 30 min. on the “Untimely” horns.