jun 13

Up 6. Went out early, did some shorter reading: my neighbor’s paper on practical deliberation, a Kevin Killian talk I asked Mairead Case to forward me, and the latest chunk of John Holbo’s huge paper on depiction. Made a few notes on the last. Came back around 9, watched 40 min. of pt. of Soderbergh’s Che diptych. Checked in w/ Jay S-G and others about lunch tomorrow. Read Green for most of an hr., napped briefly. Did about an hr. of chores, mainly unpacking a fan and the keyboard and breaking down/taking out the cardboard + packaging. Showed Bree a card trick I’m working on - the sleight of hand works, but she found the “plot” confusing, need to clarify what’s supposed to happening. Left at 1. Worked on “I Ain’t Got Nobody,” 2-5. Spent last 1/2 hr copying some marked passages/notes from Jonathan Culler, Theory of the Lyric. Finished quota of Green on the way back (train slow and crowded). Home by 6, rested/zoned out for a while, discussed some matters w/ Bree. Fussed at the piano w/ horn ideas for the last chorus of “Untimely,” didn’t put anything in the score. It’s getting frustrating, started thinking about getting some outside help on this. Walked over to E77 at 9 to hear 1/2 sets by bassist Kim Clarke, leading a trio w/ gtr and drums. Material like “Watermelon Man,” a Kenny Barron tune, a lot I didn’t know. Really liked the drummer - could have played on any straight-ahead 50s-60s jazz record, I don’t know what she does in other projects, but you don’t hear that “classic” approach so much anymore - but didn’t catch her name. Made a forced march through the last 2 sections of the Canadian anthology during breaks — Rita Wong, & Lisa Robertson. Her interview was less about her own poetics than her relationship to the Vancouver/KSW scene; I’ve read most of the work selected from Debbie: An Epic an other books before. I don’t know just why this book felt hard to complete, but I’ll be happy to go back to single-authored collections for a while. Also worked 2 pages/days ahead in poetry notebook, incorporating ideas from Green in a general way. Chatted w/ Ken Lauterbach for a while, split for home after the sets, back at about 11:30. Stayed up for an hr., actually did put something down in the horn charts. Bree still awake, talked more. Lights out after 1.

Also want to mark this interesting post on how not to respond to “SWJ” (not a term I’d use) responses to “logic,” by a black philosopher (I think in England - not sure if he’s English or American.) https://sootyempiric.blogspot.com/2019/01/logic-versus-social-justice-activists.html (Something’s changed w/ Squarespace’s link editor, and I’m not going to figure out how a hyperlink works right this sec.)