jun 12

Up 7. Listened to more Jordan, and read the liner notes - several of his rags and songs, inc. “Lovie Joe” and “Take Your Time” are well above the run of the mill. Finally wrote to my philosophy prof. neighbor about having a chat about practical reasoning re James Snead/essentialism. Wasted time on that Twitter exchange. Spent a lot of the day reading 60 p. of Green, it’s good but it takes willpower to attend to the details. Cooked while Bree was out so she wouldn’t have to bear the heat. Picked out a few books for CA trip. Wrote 1/2 a graf/157 words around 6 pm, just enough to mark on my calendar. Read more of the Canadian anthology - Dorothy Trujillo Lusk (unpretentious interview, but the work is opaque) and Sina Queryas (almost the reverse!). Went out for coffee, wrote in poetry notebook. Watched Lucky Night (1939, Norman Taurog), a strange, overwritten not-quite-comedy w/ Myrna Loy and Robert Taylor. Made a some headway on the horns. Lights out 11.