jun 11

Up 8. Coffee, poem. Some tasks for Bree, inc. installing an A/C unit in the kitchen. We need it. Left for Brooklyn around 12:30, read Green on the way. Stopped at Spoonbill and Sugartown, bought a used copy of Frederic Tuten’s The Adventures of Mao on the Long March. Went to Devocion, worked on “I Ain’t Got Nobody” from about 2-4; am up to the bridge of the better-known Spencer Williams version. Went to Main Drag and picked up my new Korg digital piano and case, and my repaired Princeton; the other Fender I’d sold them covered about 1/3 of the cost. Wasn’t expecting rain. Got a car back to Queens. Not a great deal of action in the evening - finished quota of Green, read Daphne Marlatt and Catronia Strang section of Canadian anthology. (I’ve always liked Strang’s poetry; I hadn’t realized her collaborator Nancy Shaw had died.) Didn’t touch the horns; had thought of going to hear some jazz at E77 but didn’t care to go out in the rain. So humid. Lights out at 11, listened to more of the Joe Jordan disc (had played his “Lovie Joe” from a David Jasen collection of facsimile sheet music earlier, and some James Reese Europe). Was up again for a while around 2, wrote some twitter responses to a somewhat authoritarian-sounding pop-music-theorist type. Probably inadvisable. Eventually got back to sleep.