jun 10

Up about 8. Finished last few p. of Rappaport. Bromides. Left 9, went to Think Coffee near Union Square to work before meeting Bree. Started Toby Green, A Handful of Shells on the train - voluminous history of West African through the centuries of the slave trade, w/ an emphasis on new discoveries about long-standing European contacts and the African societys’/kingdoms’ internal development and financial systems. In other words, they had currency, and credit. And a history, contra Hegel - this is ammo for me against James Snead. Revised the Adorno chunk of intro, sent it to Holbo, 10-1. Bree’s doctor’s appt.; really just a check-in/up, nothing new. She went home, I tried to go to Faccio’s on Bleeker for a sandwich, but they were closed for a July vacation; ended up at Dos Toros. Saw Paris Is Burning at Film Forum. Moving. I sure didn’t know in college what a huge rip-off Madonna’s “Vogue” was. (Taylor Swift’s whole queer-friendly campaign of late is offensive of late - not, of course, because of the side she’s on, but b/c of the cynicism of her allyship.) Got out, called dad, headed up to Bar 55 to hear Jane Irving, 2 sets. Straight vocal jazz, some R&H and some unusual material, inc. Gil Scott-Heron’s “Ain’t No Such Thing as Superman,” a Jimmy Rowles/Johnny Mercer tune called “Baby Don’t Quit Now,” and a song called “Alice in Wonderland” that seems to be by Sammy Fain and Bob Hillard. Tried to get back into the Canadian anthology before the gig and during breaks - Erin Moure, Daphne Marlatt. I’m afraid I’m not finding either the poetry or the thinking behind it that engaging. Home about 10:30. Touched on the horns. Lights out midnight: more Gilberto.

(Also listened to a little João Gilberto on Sunday. R.I.P.)